A Pool Construction Project


We arrived to a large yard with existing structures including armour stone retaining walls, cut stone steps, a hot tub and concrete patio. There was also a large garden/utility house at the rear of the property to consider. The pool was designed into the southwest side of the yard for full sun exposure. This required extensive retention to tuck the pool into the berm and maximize yard space. The armour stone along the length of the pool was stepped to accommodate plantings and a raised sitting area.

We addressed the stone steps leading down to the pool area were lifted out and re-laid and landings added for a more comfortable approach from up top. The existing armour stone not suitable for retention were used as accent pieces at the top of the berm. Armour stone was used around the entire patio and to create a 10x10 area beside the house for the hot tub. In all, almost 150 large stones were placed in this project.

Drainage is a major consideration for projects of this size. As such, downspouts and deck drains were connected to PVC drainage pipe and routed beyond the pool to the back of the yard. All hard surfaces rest on a compacted bed of clear stone and ‘A’ gravel which keeps water from collecting under them.

The pool is an 18x36 free-form ‘Gemini’ with grey accents. These include the 8’ curved roman walk-in step, in-wall ladder and pool fixtures such as return jets, lights and skimmers. The pool outline is highlighted by a 20” (50cm) stamped concrete border with cantilever concrete coping. The solar blanket is rolled neatly into a Cleardeck recessed roller leaving a clean, uncluttered pool deck. A massive stamped concrete patio will serve as the gathering place poolside. Sono tube piers were installed to anchor posts for a future covered entertainment and seating area. A tranquil blue liner adds the finishing touch.

Landscaping is scheduled for completion in 2015.