A Pool Renovation Project


The following is an example of a typical pool renovation from start to finish.

In this example, the pool was surrounded by a wooden deck which was removed prior to our arrival. This renovation began in the spring with the winter ice still evident in the picture.

The first step in this case is to drain the water out of the pool. In other cases where there is a concrete deck surrounding the pool, the deck would be taken out first and then the pool would be drained. In this case, the customers wanted a shallow end step, so the water was only drained just past the shallow end.

The liner was then cut out of the shallow end, as well a large section was taken out of the pool wall to accommodate the step.

This pool also required new plumbing lines to be run around the pool. Trenches were dug by hand for this.

A closeup shot of the section taken out of the steel pool wall. The chunks of concrete that supported the footings of the pool wall had to be jack-hammered out.

Next, the stairs were installed. The stairs are bolted to either side of the pool walls with extra reinforcing pieces of steel. Water jets were installed on either side of the stairs. We use concrete around the footings of the stair legs to ensure they never move.

This is the view from inside the pool. The stairs have a nice snug fit when installed properly with proper measuring.

The new plumbing lines are then ran in the trenches that were dug.

A new pool skimmer was also installed. The white cylindrical object to the right of the skimmer is a new pool light. Two new pool lights were installed.

The trenches with the new plumbing lines are then backfilled with 'A' type gravel. The gravel is carefully graded and compacted.

The plumbing lines in this case were trenched to an existing shed that is used by the customers to house the pool equipment.

Once all the trenches were backfilled, the pool deck is installed. In this example, the customers chose to have an interlock pool deck. Inside the pool, all of the water was drained out and the liner removed. Any blemishes on the pool floor are patched and sanded.

This closeup view of the pool steps shows the cement patch used on the floor directly in front of the stairs.

This shows the interlock deck around the top of the pool steps. Gray stairs were used to match the gray in the interlock.

The last step is to install the liner. Here, the customers chose a black liner. As the water fills the pool, a vinyl vacuum (the red unit at the side of the pool) is used to suck out air from behind the liner. This effectively keeps the liner in place and prevents wrinkles from forming in the liner. The holes for the pool jets and skimmer, lights, etc. are cut in after the pool is almost completely filled.

A closeup of the completed stairs. The liner is cut out around the stairs.

The completed pool renovation. The final step once the pool is completely filled with water is to jump in and enjoy a refreshing dip in your newly restored pool!