Choosing the Right Pool for You

So many choices. Helping you make the right ones.
From understanding how your property’s geography influences your choices, to pool filtration systems, start here!

Pool Use

The Right Pool For Your Needs

How will we use our pool?

With Kids
Family Play

• A spacious shallow end or a pool without a deep end.
• Features such as concrete-anchored basketball or volleyball nets.
• Additional safety precautions.

With Friends
Pool Parties

• Space for lounging around the pool.
• Outdoor living area.

For Adults
Relaxation & Lounging

• Spill-over spa.
• Sun ledge with wider top step for sunbathing.

For Physical Fitness
Intense Exercise

• A swim spa that creates a current against which you can swim in a confined area.

For Going Deep

• Deep end with a gradual incline to shallow end.
• Diving rocks.

For Young & Old Alike
Fun for All

• Wide, shallow stairs for sitting.
• Additional safety handrails.

Property Geography

How Geography Influences Your Choices

Where should we place our pool?


  • Size of pool in relation to the size of your yard.

  • Effect of existing structures and landscaping.

  • Property elevations and slopes, and the finished grade of the pool in relation to existing structures.

  • Pool-site ground and drainage conditions.


  • Legal and zoning requirements.

  • Construction access to the pool site.

  • Space for pool equipment and proximity to electrical or gas hook-ups. The pump, filter, and heater should be placed on a concrete pad with enough space and within reach to facilitate maintenance. Equipment can also be placed inside an enclosure like a pool house or shed.


  • Geographic orientation, sun path across the yard, and typical wind direction. Optimally, we’ll place your pool in the sunniest spot on your property.

  • Location of trees, the shade they create, as well as the debris they drop, such as leaves, sap or bird droppings.


  • Social and recreational areas in relation to the size and shape of the pool. Plan for a two-to-four-feet expanse around the entire pool, with a larger area for sitting and congregating.

  • Access for maintenance and cleaning of the finished pool.

  • Privacy from neighbours’ windows and street views.

Pool Systems

Choosing the Right Pool Systems for Your Pool

Simplifying Maintenance

Sanitizing Systems

Keeping your pool Clean

Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada provides very clear guidelines regarding water circulation and sanitation. Our local pool bylaws require the addition of chlorine or bromine as the sanitizing agent. We can help you to understand the ins and outs of the system choices available in relation to local regulations, energy efficiency, and ease-of-maintenance:

Salt-Water Systems

Salt-Water Systems turn common salt (like you purchase for your water softener but especially formulated for pools) into chlorine, negating the need for handling noxious chemicals. Requiring less than a teaspoon of salt per gallon of pool water, and generating the purest form of chlorine available, these systems are economical, low-maintenance, and feel great. As the dissolved salt flows through the system’s generator cell, it is electrolytically converted to pure chlorine, which is then distributed throughout the pool, keeping the water fresh, clear, and safe.

Unlike conventional chlorine additives, which must be constantly replenished, the salt is recycled continuously through the system, further minimizing pool maintenance. However, salt systems do require careful monitoring of PH levels. More expensive up-front, they are less expensive to operate.

Chlorine Systems

Chlorine Systems require testing the pool water and adding chlorine pucks, liquid chlorine or granular chlorine as needed for sanitation. Also requires careful monitoring of PH levels.

UV & Ozone Sanitizing Systems

UV & Ozone Sanitizing Systems create ozone using a UV bulb specifically designed to excite ozone molecules from the oxygen in the air. The ozone is delivered into the pool water using the unit’s suction injection system. Ozone provides the cleanest, strongest, “non-chlorine” shock available, reducing the need for pool chemicals.

Heating Systems

Keeping your pool Warm

Heaters can significantly extend your pool season. Options include natural gas, solar, electric, and even propane for remote areas.

Automated systems

Keeping it Easy

Automated Control Systems allow you to automate your pool heating, filtration, cleaning, and lighting systems. For convenience there is also a mobile phone app.

Pool Safety

Putting Safety First

How can I ensure my family is safe around our new pool?

For us, putting pool safety first means creating and enforcing layers of protection in support of constant supervision. Consider the following, and ask us for additional information about safety options.

Enclosing Your Pool Area
Fences & Gates

Enforced by local pool enclosure by-laws as well as fence by-laws, approved fencing protects unattended children and pets from inadvertently falling into your pool. Options like ornamental iron provide maximum line of sight while creating an attractive focal point.

Removable & Compact
Mesh Pool Fences

Protective mesh pool fences are removable fences constructed with composite fibreglass posts and PVC coated polyester mesh that will not tear or burst. The sections are lightweight and can be rolled up for compact storage.

Divide Shallow & Deep Ends
Safety Ropes

Protect less competent swimmers from inadvertently leaving the shallow end by creating a physical boundary between shallow and deep ends.

Warning Signs

Posted strategically around your pool, signs warn against diving into shallow water, etc.

A Must for Small Children
Life Jackets

A must for small children, children should wear a life jacket at all times around the pool whether they intend to swim or are just playing in the area.

Consult the Experts

Based on extensive experience in the industry, we have developed a keen eye for making the most of your property’s geography, recognizing and overcoming any limitations, and recommending optimal pool and structure placement. We can help you to make the right choices. NEXT, review your: