Planning Your Pool Project

We love it when a plan comes together!
You’ve been dreaming about a pool and now you’re ready to take the first step to making it a reality. Below, you’ll find some useful tips to start making waves....


Envision. Brainstorm. Make Notes. Sketch.

What do I want my backyard to look like?

  • To help envision the possibilities, browse magazines and photos online.

  • Brainstorm how you would like to use your new pool-scape with family and talk to your friends.

  • You can even start a pool journal in which you paste pictures of ideas you like.

  • Add notes about “must-have” and “nice-to-have” features.

  • If you are inclined, sketch your ideas out on paper.


Preparing for Your Pool Project

What should I do first?


Crunch the numbers and decide on a realistic budget for your project. Knowing how much you can spend will help your contractor and ensure you don’t overstretch your resources.

Review Warranties

When you research pool installation companies, ensure that you carefully review and compare warranties.

Consult your Insurance Company

Some swimming pools can nominally affect your house insurance rates. To know for certain, check with your property insurance provider.

Chat with your Neighbours

Excavation equipment typically requires a clear, level, path at least 6 feet wide. To gain unobstructed access into your back yard, it is sometimes necessary to temporarily remove a section of fence, garden, or other feature. Your neighbours may be inconvenienced during this process. So, consider broaching the subject with them in advance. You never know, they may also have a pool project in mind, in which case, you can organize sharing costs and entry paths.

Project Timelines

The Five Project Phases

How will our pool project progress?

Pool Project Consultation & Estimation

Phase 1:

  1. 1st Consultation & Property Overview: We’ll start by visiting your property and talking to you about your vision, needs, desires, and expectations.
  2. Recommendations: After the consultation, we’ll provide you with some recommendations and pricing guidelines.
  3. 2nd Consultation & On-Site Visit: We’ll return to your property to fine-tune our quotation, which includes taking measurements and assessing grades with our laser-level.
  4. Quotation: Based on these two consultations, we’ll provide you with a formal quotation.

Pool Planning

Phase 2:

  1. Measurements: Upon acceptance of the quotation and receipt of the deposit, we’ll come to your property to take additional measurements.
  2. Schematic Plan: Based on our discussions with you, we’ll create a 2-dimensional schematic diagram of your property with the pool and all landscaping mapped out for your review.
  3. Options, Accents & Accessories: We’ll help you to select options such as stairs, water features, and pool liner pattern.
  4. Schematic Approval: Upon your approval of the schematic, we will obtain the necessary building permits on your behalf.

Pool Excavation

Phase 3:

  1. Gaining Access: Upon obtaining the building permits, we will return to your property to create an access route, which may require temporarily removing a fence or other features.
  2. Enclosing the Area: We will use neon construction fencing to enclose the construction site.
  3. Pool Layout: We will lay out the pool shape for excavation.
  4. Excavating: Strip the topsoil from the pool and all patio areas and then excavate the pool.

Pool Construction

Phase 4:

  1. Walls: Place and level the pool walls, place the steel stairs, etc.
  2. Services: Dig trenches and run the underground plumbing, electrical and gas services.
  3. Inspection 1: We will schedule and orchestrate the first inspection to receive approval for the gas and electrical.
  4. Pool Backfilled: upon passing the first inspection, we will backfill the trenches and the rest of the pool area.
  5. Concrete Work: Pour the pool bottom, patio and the pool house base.
  6. Fencing: Install necessary fencing to enclose the pool area and meet regulations.
  7. Liner Installation: Based on your liner pattern selection, we’ll install the liner.
  8. Inspection 2: We will schedule and orchestrate the second inspection to receive approval for the pool enclosure.

Pool House Construction & Landscaping

Phase 5:

  1. Pool House Construction: Construct any planned pool houses or cabanas.
  2. Architectural Landscaping: Place any rockery, complete any architectural landscaping.
  3. Gardens: Complete garden planting.
  4. Repair Access Route: We’ll re-install any fencing or other features that were temporarily removed to gain entry.
  5. Final Clean-up.
  6. Project Inspection & Sign-off: We’ll complete a walk-through with you, address any final details, and request final project sign-off.

Bylaws, Permits & Inspections

Municipal Pool Regulations

Know there’s Technicalities

At Precision Pools, we take care of organizing all permits and inspections for you. But, know that these are part of the pool construction process and can sometimes take several weeks to obtain. Pool construction bylaws differ between Kitchener, Waterloo, the various municipalities, and The Grand River Conservation Authority (who regulate all drainage and wet areas in the Grand River basin, which may affect your property). These bylaws can sometimes be a little complicated. But, rest assured, we know them inside and out and we’ll ensure we jump through all the necessary hoops on your behalf. What We’ll Need: To secure your necessary permits, we will need to submit a copy of your property survey, indicating where the pool and surrounding fences will be placed, along with other details, such as the type of fencing, etc. If you’re interested in knowing more, follow the links on the right for your geographic area; if not, know we’ve got you covered!

Municipal Websites:

Swimming Pool Bylaws & Permit Information

We’re Here to Help

We have a keen eye for making the most of your property and we understand all the technicalities associated with building a pool. We can make the process easy. NEXT, review your: