Pool Design Options

Countless pool shapes and sizes, beautiful pool liner patterns to match any palate, stair configurations, spas, water features, and more!

Pool Schematics

Custom Design Schematics

How can I envision what it will look like?

2D Schematics

A custom Precision Pool begins with the latest in 2-dimensional computer-generated, scaled visual representation of your own backyard with your future pool design, concrete decking, and landscape.

3D Schematics

For an even more visually accurate schematic of your new back yard, ask us about 3-dimensional schematics, which we are able to provide for an additional fee.

Pool Shapes

Unlimited Pool Shapes & Sizes

What shape of pool would best suit my yard?

To choose the best shape and size of swimming pool for your property’s unique situation:

Imagine & Map

Based on your imagination, your notes regarding how you will use your pool, and a few sketches, experiment outside with a tape measure and garden hose or rope. Envision how different pool shapes will fit with your deck, patio, gardens, or other features to create a cohesive outdoor experience.

Custom Designs

Does your vision require a custom shape? No worries! Unlike fibreglass pools, which come in a limited selection of sizes and colours, we can achieve virtually any size and shape with a Steel Wall Vinyl-Lined pool—creating a truly custom pool and accommodating uniquely shaped outdoor spaces that would not fit a standard pool design. You can truly turn your imagination into reality!


Stair Options

Safe Stylish Entry & Exit Points

Durable & Slip-Resistant
Thermo-Plastic Stairs

Constructed from weather-resistant polymers, thermo-plastic stairs offer a solid step-by-step, impact-resistant, UV protected, non-slip surface.

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Fully Integrated
Vinyl-Covered Steel Stairs

Integrating seamlessly with the rest of your pool, vinyl-covered steel stairs create a consistent, rich look that will have you wade in leaving your troubles behind.

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Additional Entry-Points
Stainless Steel & Resin/Polymer Ladders

Available in stainless steel, or resin/polymer ladders built right into the pool wall, adders provide additional exits for the splash and tumble busy swimmers.

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Spill-Over Spas

Spa Luxury

In Your Own Backyard

The luxury of a soothing massage, right in your own pool! Spill-over spas add additional enjoyment to your pool plus an aesthetically stunning element of sophistication.

Water Features

Stunning Water Features

Subtly Mute Neighbourhood Noise

Visually stunning and excellent for subtly muting neighbourhood noise, water features offer great options for completing your backyard oasis.

Feature A Natural Look
Natural Stone Waterfalls

Natural Stone Waterfalls bring the effect of a serene natural waterfall into your own backyard. Every natural rock waterfall is unique and dramatic.

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Modern Elegance
Stone Veneer Sheer Descent Waterfalls

Stone Veneer Sheer Descent Waterfalls use natural stone or brick and veneer to create a waterfall wall into your pool, projecting a clear, smooth arc of water, outward from a raised wall into your swimming pool. Adjust the flow of water, and accent with LED lights, to change the sound from almost a silent, glass-like sheet to a full rushing waterfall and create a range of effects.

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Your Personal Waterpark
Deck Water Jets

Deck Jets create a beautiful arc of shimmering water from your deck into your pool. Laminar Jets incorporate LED lights for a great night-time effect.

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Lighting the Way

Safety & Mood

Lighting placement is an important consideration for safety as well as creating ambiance and highlighting features to their greatest effect. We can help you to optimally choose and place lighting both in and around your pool.

LED Lighting -  takes poolside evenings from great to spectacular! Using the industry’s most advanced technology for bright, energy-efficient lighting.


Accessories to Complete the Package

The Final Pieces

Safety Covers

Designed to protect both your pool and your family, safety covers are manufactured to fit your exact pool size and shape. They are strong enough for a child or pet to walk across, keep out debris and sunlight, yet allow water to drain through.

Other Accessories

Additional accessories to consider include:

  • Solar blanket and roller.
  • Automatic pool cleaner.
  • Cleardeck recessed solar roller and Automatic cover.
  • Safety accessories, such as safety ropes, no-diving signs, shepherd’s hooks, lifesaving rings, and area signs indicating deep and shallow ends.

Trust Our Experience

We’ve worked with all of these components and seen every design configuration under the sun. We can help you to choose wisely. NEXT: