Pool Landscaping

We won’t leave you with a new pool surrounded by a pile of mud! For all the finishing touches,
from fencing to rockery, look here!


Concrete Patios

Creating Outdoor Living Space

Concrete Flexibility

Concrete’s exceptional flexibility empowers us with complete creative freedom to match and enhance your property’s architectural elements.

Organic Flowing Curves

From rigid linear perspectives or organic flowing curves—concrete allows us to create configurations to accommodate any backyard shape or space.

Decorative Concrete

We texture your concrete in patterns that imitate such popular materials as brick, flagstone, slate, or tile, as well as enhance it.


Architectural Landscaping

Artfully Mimicking Nature

Blending practical and artistic features, architectural landscaping ties all of the elements of your backyard oasis together into a cohesive whole.

Rock Walls, Steps & Retaining Walls

Rock Walls, Rock Steps & Retaining Walls provide privacy and beauty to your property, as well as necessary structural support.

Water Features & Waterfalls

Water Features & Waterfalls add both visual and auditory interest, subtly muffling outside noise.

Garden Landscaping & Rockery

Garden Landscaping & Rockery: Final touches like decorative rockery and planted gardens complete your oasis.


Attractive Fencing Options

Framing Your Outdoor Living Space

Bylaws require your pool to be enclosed with a fence; your pool cannot be filled with water until it is fenced in. There are a number of protective and attractive options available that meet regulations and add value to your backyard investment. When necessary for access into your yard, we will temporarily remove sections of fence and then reinstall them when the project is complete.

Practical Security
Chain-link Fencing

Provides a practical, safe barrier but allows you to see clearly through the fence to the pool area inside.

Maximizing Privacy
Wooden Fencing

Create the feeling of an outdoor room and maximize privacy with beautifully constructed wooden fencing.

Visibility & Beauty
Ornamental Iron Fencing

Create a beautiful frame for your pool area while maximizing visibility.


Pool Houses & Cabanas

Practical & Architecturally Pleasing

Additional Storage Space

Like pool houses, sheds provide additional practical storage for yard tools, etc. We can also make them beautiful!

Seasonal Outdoor Rooms

Bring the tropics home with outdoor rooms that provide shade and privacy.

Equipment Storage & Change Room
Pool Houses

Create a beautiful frame for your pool area while maximizing visibility.

Concrete Expertise

Architectural landscaping completes your backyard oasis. It’s also our specialty. NEXT: